This is a now post. 

I’m exploring, sexually that is. I’m not one to talk about sex with my friends so thought I may as well air my ideas on here. Apologies if you don’t want to know – if you’d rather not read, please skip along to the next post.

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I Could Not See

I suppose my issues began when I was about 14… I did not know know why but I lost my appetite and stopped eating. It wasn’t anything to do with wanting to be thin! It wasn’t anything to do with that. Quite frankly I couldn’t have cared less about my weight and size at that point of my life.

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Dearest followers; can I ask you a very little favour?

Before I carry on with this I want to make sure that my blog is completely anonymous. I don’t want to suddenly realise there’s an obvious link to who I am on here once I’ve spilled my heart and confessed my deepest desires and darkest misdemeanours…

So, the favour is this; could I ask you to have a click around this blog and let me know if there is anything that links this blog to anyone? Once I know I’m clear I’ll carry on.

Cheers all x



People from various countries have viewed my blog today. I’m slightly shocked that so many people have! But I do hope that people can learn from my mistakes. I also hope that by sharing with the ether the stuff that’s on my mind that I’ll be able to work through.

So, thank you all for looking and reading. Hope it helps (or at least provides a little amusement).