an introduction

I’ve been recovering from a lot of things recently; a many times broken heart, depression, eating disorders, and abuse of alcohol and other drugs. I don’t mean this to sound dramatic or anything; it’s just the way things happened.

I need to get things off my chest to help me heal some more and I want to be able to help other people by sharing my experiences in life.

The things I write may not make much sense at times – I tend to jumble up my words when I get emotional, and this is a relatively emotional endeavour – I’m likely to trip over my sentence structure and land in a pile of letters at many points during this.

If you want to leave a message please feel free to do so. I’ll reply to questions and I’ll give advice to people if I can. I want to help people to avoid some of the situations I managed to get myself into.


29 thoughts on “an introduction

  1. Thank you for following my blog. You can find more at 50figment and Writing2Well. Writing is an excellent aid to recovery. Best of luck from one once a stranger. Cheers!

    • Many thanks Kimberly! I felt this was the last step I needed to take to get through to a peaceful place so I’m giving it a go.

      Thanks for getting in touch.


  2. Hey,

    Thanks for following my blog! I hope we can stay in touch.

    I’m sure you will feel at home blogging and expressing how you feel etc. I have found it more helpful than any drug or therapy. Just talking with those that can relate is a big relief! If you ever want to talk feel free to email me (email add on my blog) privately etc. I also suffer with depression and an eating disorder (binge eating) so will be good to share experiences etc…

    All the best!! πŸ™‚


    • Hi Maria

      Thank you for getting in touch. I really do think this is the best way to get things sorted out in my head. Not many of my friends have gone through the same things and take the usual ‘well, just sort it out’ stance when I try to talk to them. Would be glad for an ear to bend every now and again.

      I think it also helps that I don’t need to say anything about who I am. That is good!

      Thanks again for saying hi, please do keep in touch. Will read your blog soon.


  3. Hi there, thank you for following my blog too! I pleased to meet you and offer you a friendly hand on this tortuous path that is called life! πŸ™‚ be big brave and never give up! xx

  4. Very Brave for being so raw and real. I admire that in a person! Kudos for being you! And good luck and best wishes on your journey!!

      • I’ve struggled with addiction myself. I know how you feel. I don’t think we ever truly 100% heal, I mean, it’s more like acceptance of the choices we’ve made. I know for me, even though I live a sober life, I always think back to how I used to be…that is the part that keeps me moving forwarding and thriving to be better day to day. It’s hard but it does get easier with time! Go check out the poem I have called Addictions. When I wrote that one I was already sober but feeling angry with myself… Let me know what you think.

      • Yes, it will be there forever… And it seems easy sometimes to slip back into the pattern. But then I think we can see how far we’ve come and the work we’ve put in. That’s what keeps us going I think.

        I’ll have a read of our poem when I can. May be a couple of days. I completely understand the anger thing. Will be blogging a lot about that I think!

        Thanks again, hopefully keep in touch x

  5. Your honesty is courageous. It’s also inspiring to me to read how you want to help others. Nothing like experience to create useful wisdom, has been one of my discoveries in this lifeβ€”so I bet you have real and great help to give. And thanks so much for following my poetry blog.

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