Unspoken, Broken, A Token Of Things To Come?

Heart spoken feelings tumble softly from me,

What do I say, you broke me, made me me, made me whole.

I refrain from spilling my heart for fear of fear, let alone the loathing of hoping for something which cannot be.

So what are we?

Are we one? Are we apart? Are we two pieces that fit together seperately but together?

Unknowingly you have ripped me to shreds to build me up again to someone that I recognise,

But at the same time I do not;

A confidence has broken through the confidence façade and my eyes shine with something strange,

An alien content, a foreign feeling of fulfilment.

Though we have not yet met.

Do I allow my heart to fall headlong into an untouching dedication to something uncertain? A heart felt dedication to something untangible and potentially desolate?

Yes, so far. Yes, with all my heart, all my mind and all my trepidations.

So help me, for my sins, I have stumbled into a lust verging on love from which I cannot walk away.

Unspoken, broken, a token of things to come?



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